Monday, March 19, 2012

What type of Crazy mission do i work in???

Well hello!! Guess what???
Oficially, as of today, I`m not constantly sweating anymore!!! Woot!!
Do you know why? because today was Changes, And i`m Back in Morelos!
Where you don`t melt to death in the Acapulco sun. haha, yes, after my
short 3 months in acapulco, the Lord has called me to serve in the are
of Tlatenchi, Zone Galeana! About an hour from Cuernavaca and Cuautla!
Sadly i had to say goodbye to Elder Gonzalez!, but Happily i`m now
with my new companion, Elder Pacori! He`s from Peru. He seems super
cool and obedient, he has less like 4 months in the mission, just
finished getting trained. I have a feeling we`re going to get along
super well and be super obedient.
My area. Is pretty hot, but hot like Utah! Dry not super duper hot
hot. So you don`t sweat unless your directly in it. It`s super flat!
:) unlike acapulco. and we meet in the newest stake center in the
mission!! woot woot!! it`s super nice. i`m very excited.
Yes, so other events that have happened. yesterday we had the
baptism of Yesenia!! but sadly we couldn`t do it in our church,
because the font was broken! But luckily I basically lived on the
beach! So we went to a Laguna right by the house and baptized there!!!
woot!!! Dream of the mission officially complete! I`ll send pictures
in another email.
So yes, this week that comes up, 3 people in acapulco are getting
baptized, sadly i wont be able to attend their baptismal services, but
my companion promised to send pictures. so i promise to send them to
you as well!
yes, i`m very excited, and feel invigorated to be in my last area in
the mission, because i`m about 98% sure it`s my last, I feel like i`m
just started to reach my potential as a missionary and with my last 4
months i`m going to do something that i`ve never done before!
Well thats about all to report this week. LOVE YOU ALL TONS!! And am
very greatful for all of your prayers.
Elder Summers

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