Monday, March 19, 2012

What type of Crazy mission do i work in???

Well hello!! Guess what???
Oficially, as of today, I`m not constantly sweating anymore!!! Woot!!
Do you know why? because today was Changes, And i`m Back in Morelos!
Where you don`t melt to death in the Acapulco sun. haha, yes, after my
short 3 months in acapulco, the Lord has called me to serve in the are
of Tlatenchi, Zone Galeana! About an hour from Cuernavaca and Cuautla!
Sadly i had to say goodbye to Elder Gonzalez!, but Happily i`m now
with my new companion, Elder Pacori! He`s from Peru. He seems super
cool and obedient, he has less like 4 months in the mission, just
finished getting trained. I have a feeling we`re going to get along
super well and be super obedient.
My area. Is pretty hot, but hot like Utah! Dry not super duper hot
hot. So you don`t sweat unless your directly in it. It`s super flat!
:) unlike acapulco. and we meet in the newest stake center in the
mission!! woot woot!! it`s super nice. i`m very excited.
Yes, so other events that have happened. yesterday we had the
baptism of Yesenia!! but sadly we couldn`t do it in our church,
because the font was broken! But luckily I basically lived on the
beach! So we went to a Laguna right by the house and baptized there!!!
woot!!! Dream of the mission officially complete! I`ll send pictures
in another email.
So yes, this week that comes up, 3 people in acapulco are getting
baptized, sadly i wont be able to attend their baptismal services, but
my companion promised to send pictures. so i promise to send them to
you as well!
yes, i`m very excited, and feel invigorated to be in my last area in
the mission, because i`m about 98% sure it`s my last, I feel like i`m
just started to reach my potential as a missionary and with my last 4
months i`m going to do something that i`ve never done before!
Well thats about all to report this week. LOVE YOU ALL TONS!! And am
very greatful for all of your prayers.
Elder Summers


Well Hey family!!!

This week was pretty great! We had an awesome conference On Friday and Saturday with Elder Tenorio, The second councelor of the Area of Mexico. in the First quorum of the 70s. it was awesome! He`s a super enthusiastic person and has TONS of awesome faith building stories. We also had another Conference with Our mission president. he was very few left. He seems kind of sad that he`s getting close to ending the mission, but he`s been an awesome president, Keep your eyes out for future conferences that say ``Elder Al├Čn Spannaus`` first Quorum of the Seventy. haha but yeah. that was awesome.
We have had some great success too. Two sundays ago we had 2 sisters coem to church, the husband of the one is a less active member, he went too. But they all came to church again this week, it was stake conference! we talked with them a few times with week and chalenged them for a baptismal date on this Saturday!! (because one is about to have a baby in like 2 weeks and we need to baptize her before that happens) haha, they are really excited and progresssing really well!
We also have another Couple, Gonzalo y Clemencia, they are older and came for the third time at conference, they seem really excited and are also have a baptismal date for Saturday! So it looks like we`ll be having a SUPER SATURDAY! We`re really exctied. Gonzalo is almost in Alma in the book of mormon, he reads a tons.
We also found a cool less active family, they came here for California about 8 months ago and haven`t come to church yet, but they are all super cool and said they`re gonna come next sunday. All the kids were born in the US and speak english haha, they have quite a few friends by their house and we`re hoping to receive LOTS of Refereces this week from them.
Yup well the work still goes well here in Acapulco, today we went to ``La Quebrada`` they`re big cliffs and have Cliff divers that jump off like 40 and 50 foot cliffs into the ocean, They say its one of the only places like it on Earth. it was cool, i got some pretty pictures of the water and stuff. yeah. well thats about it
Love you all tons and hope that your having a fantastic week!
Elder Summers


So we had another pretty crazy week. Sadly the family that we had all prepared and everything for baptism is falling away. The father told us that definately the daughters couldn´t get baptized, which made us sad, but we´ll going to keep with them. We believe that god can soften his heart. But we have another family thats progressing well. The Grandson came to church on sunday, we became super good friends with him and he seems pretty intent on changing his ways. We have made a bit of changes in our planning and how we´re going to start working this week and we hope to see lots of success. it´s been pretty hard here in Acapulco, but I´m not getting down, i´m just excited to get back to work tomorrow.
We´ve been doing lots of traveling lately, I have Atoyac in my district. That was my starting area. it´s about 2 hours away from acapulco, so whenever i got it takes half a day away. We´re doing divisions with them today also so it should be pretty interesting. But i´ve spent a lot of time in the buss. haha
Well i´m going to send 3 pcitures! one of the Baptism of Griselda 2 weeks ago!!! weee!! other of a cool bus we found in Acapulco, it´s called ´´The Black Pearl´´ I love it. haha it´s my companion and me. And the other is a picture in the back of our church, and for any questions, yes, that is the ocean. We have an ocean view in our church. it´s pretty awesome haha.
Well i love you all and hope that your having a fantastic week!
Elder summers

Monday, February 27, 2012

Baptism!!!! what a week

Well can i just tell you all that i`ve had a week!
Some great things happened. and at the same time we had some really sad, and lame things happen.
So sunday morning we had the baptism of Griselda. she`s an aweosme lady who definately is going to do well in the church, her mom and kids are all active members in Texas, but she got deported and we baptized her here. She has a pretty sweet testimony and we are hoping that the ward with accept her in well and work with her. i`ll send photos next week. We also had a couple come to church that we`v e been working with for like amonth. The wife came like 3 weeks ago. But the husband, who just finished reading 2nd nefi! came and seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. So they are right on track for baptism in this month of March! woot!
Sadly the family that we`re working with Veronica, Raul, Tamara, and Michelle, fell. We had their interviews this week of all except raul, and they are were super ready and excited, but sadly satan always has to put his little hand in the middle of what we do, and turned the dad against us. He probably heard soemthing about the church and didn`t want it, but he won`t talk to us, and as of saturday, which was when they were oging to get baptized, has prohibited them from talking to us. So it was sad, they are so ready and want to so bad. But the Hard hearted, and proud always seem to put the rest down. But we still have faith taht we can do it. We`re going to try to talk to him and get all of his doubts and everything so he gives permission to his family to at least assist or listen again. So please include them in your prayers.
Crazy story. last sunday night our church got robbed, they took an entire air conditionight unit, and cut the tubes of all the other 5. so sadly this sunday we had to sit through all three hours without air, and without window, cause our church doesn`t have any. it was hot. They also stole some keys to a shed that we needed to open to drain the baptismal font and to clean it. But we couldn`t get in, so we had to drain it with buckets. Does anyone know how long that takes? LONG!! We only drained less then half in like 4 hours they said we`ll just clean in and refill it and put in bleach, and it turned out nice and pretty for the baptism. We sang a song with Guitar, my companion is teaching me how to play a little. So yes, after lots of trails from the adversary, we were able to have a good baptismal service. haha
Well thats about it for this week. Love you all and hope your having a fantastic time at home or whereever you may be.
Elder Summers

Monday, February 20, 2012

Well hey everyone!

Well how are you all!!

This week actually turned out pretty great. We were super excited for the baptism of this family on saturday, but sadly, do to family problems, they couldn`t. But we talked to the mom and daughters and got them excited again and the 3 came to church again yesterday!! woot!! Also we had the interview and everything with Griselda! She`s all ready and set for her baptisms this weekend. We`re really excited. She needs it. haha The work is going well right now, we`ve been really busy and finding new ways to work and find people, I feel pretty good here in Acapulco now. It`s not super hot anymore, though that just means that in the coming months it`s going to start to get hot again. But really REALLY hot. But oh well. Our house that we live in now has a AC unit, so that makes me happy.
Exciting note! Today i bought a hammock. It`s blue, and really big. I like it. a lot! so when i come home we`ll have to find a place to hang it up. And maybe i`ll let you all try it... maybe.. mwahaha jk yeah you can try. But yeah. i`m excited to have a hammock to rest in. I won`t use it a ton. But i`ll use it. and it`ll be nice. It can hold like 3 people.
Soccer is no longer banned in my mission anymore!! woohoo! due to a bunch of injuries, president banned soccer a few months back, but today we played freely without bans. it was fun.
Also New announcement. The new Mission president for the Mission, Mexico, Cuernavaca, has been announced.

Bruce C. and Alynda K. Kusch

Bruce or Presidente Kusch, Associate academic vice president for curriculum, Brigham Young University-Idaho. Born in Lynwood, Calif.,

Yeah, we`re pretty excited here. Except i`m pretty sad that i won`t end with President Spannaus. he`s the best. He finishes, July 1st. I finish July 21st. The first Generation to die with the new president. But oh well.

So yes, we`re exctied to Baptize this week and we`re seeing lots of good things happened here in Jardin Acapulco!

Love you all tons and hope you have a fantastic Week!


Elder Summers

The mission. Sometimes it`s hard.

So my first week with my new companion.
Things have really been doing well! We get along super well and things have been going great!
Things are still going good with the family and other people that are going to get baptized. Raul, Veronica, and their daughters have progressed a lot! They all accepted a batismal date for this saturday! We were super pumped for them. We also have been working a lot with Griselda, she went to church alot in the US, but until now couldn`t get baptized. She really wants to but keeps having things come us and couldn`t come to church on sunday or make it to her baptismal interview, so we`ll see how things go. Sadly also Raul, and his family couldn`t make it to church either, Raul had to work and Veronica`s Aunt is now sick and has to go be with her EVERY evening to help her. So I don`t think they`ll be getting baptized this week.... That is sad. But they are really a special family and will get baptized soon, so i just need to have a little bit more patience. haha. But other than that things are looking pretty great hear. Little by little the ward is reaching out and helping us more. So that is great!
The other two missionaries that will be in the ward haven`t gotten here yet, so we`re still just 2 missionaries in the ward. There is going to come a Mexican to train an American straight from the MTC, But he hasn`t gotten to Mexico yet. So yeah. But yeah things are going pretty good. We now have AC in our house. LOVE IT! seriously, I don`t know how it`s possible to live here in Acapulco without AC, but like 90% of the people do. So yeah, obviously it`s possible.
Well yes. This week we have a lot of work ahead of us, but i`m excited. Things should start picking up here and we`ll be having some great baptisms soon.
Well sometimes the mission is hard too. But thats when you learn the most.
Love you all tons and am very greatful for your prayers and love.
Elder Summers

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

HOLA, Cambios!!

WEll hello everyone!
Today is the day of Changes!
Well they called us friday night to tell us changes a little bit early so that we could get our tickets and everything. And My companion, Elder Payne, is going. To Cuautla as a zone leader. It`skind of sad that he won`t be here anymore... But oh well, we thought he was going to leave this change so we were all super ready. They told me that my new companion is Elder Gonzalez. a mexican! but... the problem is, is that there are like 4 elders Gonzalez in the mission. One, I would NOT like to have as my companion, to be honest. Dead. haha but he was already here, so i figured it wasn`t him. But i was so worried about who it was that night that i even dreamed about it. I was worried in my dreams. haha But it wasn`t him. My companion is super cool. he`s from Guanajuato, Were Robert Served his mission! I`m pretty pumped, he seems really laid back, and a good people person. I feel like we`re going to get along really well.
So this week was pretty good! Our AWESOME family that we`re teaching came to church. It was sweet. I was super pumped to see them there and they liked it a lot. Even the husband came this week. The wife and daughters are pretty pumped to get baptized, they haven`t accepted a date yet, but we`re workin on that. And i think that dad is also getting pretty excited. WE taught Griselda all week and she is super excited, but strangely didn`t come to Church on Sunday, we were late for an appointment on saturday and she was cooking so we said that we`ll talk on sunday and she seemed ok with that. But for some reason didn`t come. It was weird. So tomorrow we`re gonna go see whats up with her. But i still think she could get baptized this week for sure.
yes, so here i am here in The Garden of Acapulco with Elder Gonzalez, I don`t speek english anymore. It`s fun. haha it`s been like 8 months since i`ve been with a mexican companion, Elder Lara whos now my Zone Leader, and it feels good! haha
Well love you all tons and hope that everything is going great and that you all get lots and lots of snow to start out February!
Elder Summers